Menu of the month

Cabane d'à Côté's Picnics in the orchard

89.00 with reservation
$ 94.00 without reservation
For 2 people

Parsley and lovage soup - First spring shoots

Candied Kenauk trout - Horseradish cream - Tomato water jelly

La Sublime asparagus spikes - Tarragon mayonnaise - Morel vinaigrette

Season's first radishes - Brown butter vinaigrette

Pâté de campagne - Marinated carrots - Onion brioche

Cucumber salad and candied rhubarb - Fresh cheese

Charcoal chicken - Fermented Cabin peppers - Swiss chard stew

Rhubarb pie - Meringue with honey and pollen



The seasonal menu served in the picnic boxes is inspired by the harvests of our land and neighboring producers in the region. It aims to be simple while maintaining an eye for detail. The terroir remains essential and the local cuisine takes on its meaning more than ever, which is why all the products will come from Quebec agriculture. The menu will be constantly evolving and will be modified and adapted during the season. Thus, each month, a new menu inspired by this evolution of the season will be offered to you.

We hope you will have fun eating it.

Enjoy your meal!

- The Cabane d'à côté team

*Menu may change