Additional information

Cabane d'à Côté's Picnics in the orchard


  • Book the number of baskets you want, (note! one (1) basket is for two (2) people) and select the week during which you want to experience it. Thus, you will have from Thursday to Sunday to honor your presence.
  • During your visit, at the counter provided for this purpose, pay and collect your basket. You can add additional items at this time.
  • Sit at your leisure in the orchard and enjoy the moment!

Something came up? No problem, just pick up your basket to take away. Please honor your reservations.

Additional instructions

  • Purchases of alcohol, à la carte products and non-alcoholic beverages are made directly at the front desk.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring your own alcohol at the risk of being expelled from the orchard without notice.
  • A QR code can be scanned in order to access the wine menu and à la carte items.
  • Utensils, glasses and napkins are provided in your basket.
  • Locations will be set up beforehand to accommodate you and will be arranged in order to respect the rules of physical distancing.
  • You are allowed to bring your own portable chairs and tables for added comfort.
  • At the end of your picnic, it is essential to collect your waste and dispose of it in the bins provided for this purpose at the exit of the orchard. Compostable garbage bags are provided in the basket.
  • The aisles equipped with umbrellas are the ones designated for you to settle in, while the other aisles are for circulation.
  • You will be escorted by a parking clerk to optimize space and avoid confusion.
  • It is forbidden to park in the street under penalty of a municipal fine.
  • You are allowed to bring your dog, however it must be kept on a leash at all times.

Offered services

  • Toilets are available.
  • Umbrellas are provided.
  • Possibility of obtaining recycled plastic wine glasses "Cabane d'à Côté"